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Vacation home for the disabled
Vacation home for the disabled
Beach studio for the disabled
Apartment for the disabled

Apartments for the disabled

  • Carefree enjoyment
  • Apartments on the IJsselmeer
  • Sanitary facilities for the disabled

Spending the night accessible, comfortable, and luxurious

The vacation homes from Soal Beach Resort in Workum are wheelchair friendly and, therefore, also suitable for the disabled. The apartment complex has several elevators so that the apartments and studios are always easily accessible.  Once in your home, everything is also arranged in such a way that you can move around easily.  Soal Beach Resort is therefore also suitable for people with limited mobility. That means carefree and comfortable enjoyment!


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Spending the night in a beach studio or apartment ⤵

    4 up to 6 people
    View of the IJsselmeer
    Ground floor and first floor
    Elevator present
    Spacious apartments

Facilities and the area

Both at Soal Beach Resort and in the area, there is a wide range of wheelchair–accessible activities to do. There are paved paths at the park that provide easy access to the beach on the IJsselmeer. This way you can enjoy the sun on the beach in a few seconds.  In addition, there is a supermarket, a beach pavilion, and a snack bar at the park.  From the park, you can visit the harbor and one of the nice Elfsteden towns in the area. In a town like Workum, there is enough to do!


Why Soal Beach Resort?

  • Suitable for the disabled
  • Located on the IJsselmeer
  • Wheelchair–accessible park
  • Brand–new apartments
  • Beach pavilion 't Oude Strandhuys

What other guests asked us ⤵

👩🏽🦽Is the apartment wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the luxurious homes are wheelchair accessible. The homes and the complex have a spacious set–up and have no thresholds or slots. 

🛗 Is there an elevator in the building?

There is an elevator in the apartment buildings!