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The new construction project; Soal Beach Resort is live!

The new construction project; Soal Beach Resort is live!

In the coming years, AquaResort Soal Beach Resort will be further developed into Soal Beach Resort. Our new vacation resort is based on thee cornerstones: experiencing nature, luxury, and vibrancy. Construction starts in 2022 and 28 beach apartments will be finished in 2023. In addition to apartments on the beach and the harbor, there will be a hotel with wellness, a boulevard with shops, restaurants with outdoor eating, and a supermarket. A swimming pool and an indoor playing area will keep children entertained during all kinds of weather. In addition to an area left for camping, there will be an area with luxury lodges.

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Investing in a vacation home at Soal Beach Resort

What's unique about the apartments? The beach is your front garden!  Did you know you can only stay here during your vacation? You can also choose to become an owner of one of the apartments. If you purchase an apartment at Soal Beach Resort, you can spend no less than 12 weeks a year in your residence. During the other weeks you will be completely unburdened by our professional rental organization, doesn't that sound like music to your ears?

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