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Whoever says Workum, says water. With the IJsselmeer on one side and the Frisian lakes on the other, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy that water. Sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, canoeing, fishing, bobbing, or just swimming, it's all possible. The IJsselmeer coast is especially popular among kitesurfers and windsurfers because of the shallow water. Take lessons at one of the kite schools and skim away on your own board. Not old enough for this spectacular game with wind and water? Don't worry: the beach is also extremely suitable for smaller kids that can play safely on a closed-off part.

Don't feel like sailing, walking, or cycling? The tourist train quickly takes you from the campsite to the city. There is also plenty to do in Workum itself. Enjoy browsing – the Frisians call it 'sneupen' – in the many surprising shops, galleries and museums, for example. Or get ice cream or take a seat on terrace.

And if the weather is bad, you can swim in the De Rolpeal swimming pool. So you don't have to miss a day of water sports. Or you can take the train to take a look at other Frisian cities such as Hindeloopen, Stavoren, IJlst, Sneek, or Leeuwarden. Don't forget to look outside on the way, because you will ride through Friesland, which is filled with beautiful lakes, cows in the meadow, and farmers at work. Also fun: traveling by train to Hindeloopen or Stavoren and then walking across the IJsselmeerdijk back to Workum. You share the dike with the sheep that graze there, so watch out for the droppings. Fierljeppen or pole vaulting is also typical Frisian. This spectacular sport can be admired in nearby It Heidenskip, also known as 'the fierljep village'.

In short: there is plenty to do for young and old in and around Workum!

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