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Winter storage

Winter storage at Soal Beach Resort Marina in Friesland

Do you own a boat, ship or caravan and are you looking to store it during the colder months of the year? We at Soal Beach Resort understand completely. Winter storage is possible at Soal Beach Resort Marina on the shore, in our frost-free storage hall or in the water. Soal Beach Resort Marina is located in Workum and offers various amenities such as a restaurant, launderette, diesel pump, tapping point for oilly water, service companies and more than 500 berths. So, are you looking for a spot for winter storage in Friesland? Then look no further than Soal Beach Resort!

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Winter storage for your boat

For covered winter storage of your boat, look no further than Soal Beach Resort's marina. We have a total winter storage capacity of 15,000 m², of which 4,500 m² is covered in an insulated shed. We completely understand you want to store your boat or ship somewhere safe, so the entire area is fenced off and equipped with cameras. The site can only be accessed by berth holders. Soal Beach Resort is the ideal winter storage for your boat!


Caravan storage in Friesland

You can also visit Soal Beach Resort for caravan storage in Friesland. A covered winter storage is best for your caravan. You can also store your caravan outside, but weather conditions such as snow, rain, or hail can damage your caravan. At Soal Beach Resort, you can store your caravan during the winter period for €31.00 per m². You can also store your caravan during the summer for €16.00 per m². Caravan storage in Friesland? It's possible at Soal Beach Resort's marina!


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Winter storage at Soal Beach Resort:

✦ Storing your boat or caravan from November 1st up to and including March 31st

✦ 15,000 m² with 4,500 m² covered in an insulated shed

✦ Completely fenced area with cameras and only accessible with an access pass

✦ Do-It-Yourself sheds for work during the winter period

✦ Let your ship or boat winter without any problems

Do-It-Yourself sheds and general work

The winter period is a great time to do some work on your boat, ship or caravan. At Soal Beach Resort Marina, we have various Do-It-Yourself sheds you can rent. In addition, you can have general work carried out on your yacht, such as having the sails checked, washing the sails and other work. Do you want battery maintenance during the winter storage period? It will be tested, looked after, and maintained. Tarpaulins are allowed at our marina, provided that proper tarpaulins are used. Plastic tarpaulins are strongly discouraged.